Medical Tourism

What is medical tourism?

It is to travel from place of residence to another country to receive the patient's medical service and surgical procedure has been coupled to participate in tourism activities and therapeutic, such as: leisure tourism, cultural and others.

What are the reasons that encourage and motivate the patient to travel through Khadamati Company to receive medical service?

Khadamati Company is leading company in Medical Tourism with highly experience team. We offer the highest standards in cutting edge technology led by dedicated team of doctors from the various hospitals that Khadamati company work with to ensure a hygienic environment and personalized care.

Our Services will organize your treatment packages, visa assistance, airport pick up, hotel reservations and any sightseeing trips you may want to add after your recovery, these services include scheduling of appointments, medical care advice, and ensuring your comfort and well-being.

What services do we offer for medical tourism?
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Prepare Treatment Packages in Advance
  • Visa Assistance
  • Airport Pickup n Drop Facility
  • Accommodation
  • Translator
  • Ambulance Pick up if Required
  • Prepare for Tour Trip and Shopping (If needed)
  • Follow up After Discharge
Medical Tourism in India

India has emerged as a prime destination for medical tourists from around the globe. The services on offer range from executive health packages to complicated heart surgeries. Medical travelers come to India from all over the world to take advantage of the low cost of medical procedures, which are 40 to 80 percent lower in comparison to healthcare costs of most Western countries. Medical tourists from Asia, Latin America and Africa are attracted to India's superior quality in healthcare, accredited medical facilities, and Western-trained qualified medical personnel.

The low cost of healthcare is not the only driving force of medical tourism in India. The level of healthcare service in the leading hospitals and medical centers are on par with what is being offered in American and British, and is superior to most Asian countries. Patients from Western nations who opt for top notch accredited facilities will receive the same type of medical services in a manner that they are accustomed to, as doctors, nurses and other health professionals are trained and certified to Western standards and practices.

Over 60 percent of medical tourists in India are catered for by the top private hospitals, although there are state and public healthcare facilities that provide services to private customers as well as for the general public. The top hospitals in India usually provide an end-to-end service that combines personalized services rendered in the hotel industry to top-of-the-line quality healthcare.

Medical Tourism in Thailand

Thailand is leading Asia as a medical tourism destination. Medical tourism in Thailand is booming; pushing other nations down the list. The number of medical tourists that come in Thailand has been steadily increasing since the early 2000's. This has resulted in the country taking its place on the top of the global medical tourism market.


The main reasons that have enabled Thailand to dominate this growing market are:

  • The low cost of medical treatment
  • The quality of treatment provided by private medical centers
  • The highly developed tourism industry.

Thailand’s Medical tourism industry is largely driven by private hospitals. Thai doctors are attracted to the international hospitals as they can earn as much as 70% more than in the public hospitals.

Medical Tourism in Egypt

There are hundreds of hospitals in Egypt that are fully equipped with the latest forms of technology & some have international certificates that prove their equality with the biggest medical centers in the world. There are more than thirty thousand consultants working in different branches of medicine & some of them affiliated to most of the medical centers.


What makes Egypt the perfect place  for medical tourism for Sudanese :

  • Geographical destination
  • Easy communication , Egyptians are Arabic speakers .
  • The cost of treatment and living is the cheapest among countries that provide medical tourism